Professional Negligence/Malpractice

Professionals are required to meet certain standards of their profession. When they fail to meet those standards, and their clients are harmed, the clients can seek to recover damages for their losses. Whether the professional who holds himself or herself out to be an expert is an attorney, a physician, an accountant or other type of professional, each of these professionals may be held accountable.

The Javerbaum Wurgaft team offers client services to seek recovery for losses due to professional negligence or malpractice.


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CONFIDENTIALDavid Wikstrom obtained a settlement of $900,000 against an attorney who failed to timely assert a claim for conscious pain and suffering in an underlying case.
PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYEric Kahn obtained a settlement on behalf of his client in the amount of $875,000 in a lawsuit against her former attorney who failed to timely file and pursue a personal injury claim on her behalf.
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEYEric Kahn obtained a $850,000 settlement proving that his client’s former doctor had negligently prescribed medication causing neurological injury, and that the client’s former attorney was negligent in failing to timely and properly pursue a claim against that doctor.
SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEYIn a lawsuit on behalf of former NBA player Bill Willoughby against his former attorney, Ken Javerbaum and Eric Kahn obtained a $850,000 settlement in a legal malpractice action proving that the former attorney had failed to properly pursue litigation on behalf of Mr. Willoughby against his former sports agent.
CONFIDENTIALDavid Wikstrom obtained a settlement for $830,000 against an attorney who failed to properly draft a Last Will and Testament for his client.
CONFIDENTIALDavid Wikstrom and Ken Javerbaum successfully proved that at an attorney failed to include the proper language in a Prenuptial Agreement resulting in a settlement of $750,000.