Javerbaum Wurgaft Charitable Foundation Helps 500 Students Prepare for School

Javerbaum Wurgaft Charitable Foundation Helps 500 Students Prepare for School

By JW Law Five-hundred students from the Boys and Girls Club of Newark will start the school year off on the right foot. On Friday, August 25th, Javerbaum Wurgaft (JW) Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the law firm of Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins P.C., distributed backpacks filled with essential school supplies […]

Who is to Blame When you are Injured by a Driverless Car?

Hit by a Driverless Vehicle? Who’s to Blame?

By JW Law It’s the year 2025. You just bought a shiny new driverless car and decided to take a ride. You enter your destination using voice control and head out of the city. As your car cruises down the highway, you catch up on your emails, sip a cup of coffee and listen to […]

nursing home elder abuse

Wrongfully Discharged from a Nursing Home? Read This

By JW Law Moving a loved one or even broaching the conversation about moving to a nursing home or assisted living is an emotionally challenging process. But when nursing homes abuse or improperly evict residents, it is devastating both for residents and their families. A recent story from National Public Radio (NPR) sheds light on […]

Uber/Lyft accidents

What You Need to Know Before Taking Your Next Uber/Lyft Ride

By JW Law There’s no doubt that ride share (e-hail) companies like Uber and Lyft have helped change the way we get around. Having the ability to seamlessly request a ride right at your fingertips is a game changer. The fact that it’s cheaper and convenient has afforded these Transportation Network Companies (TNC) unprecedented popularity […]