Mass Torts

When a person is injured by a product or the actions of someone else (a “tort”), a personal injury lawsuit often follows. The media often sensationalizes tort cases, since the facts are usually interesting and jury verdicts sometimes reach into the tens of millions of dollars. The personal injury lawyers at Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins have helped many injured plaintiffs recover for their injuries, often times in excess of one million dollars or more.

While representing a single plaintiff in a single tort case is a relatively uncomplicated process, what happens when many people are similarly injured by a single product, act, or event? In these cases, the situation extends beyond a simple personal injury lawsuit. In fact, a special area of law has developed to address these situations – mass torts.

Mass tort litigation allows a large number of plaintiffs, who share similar injuries caused by the same product, to have their cases heard and tried concurrently. One of the most common sub-categories of mass tort litigation is a class action lawsuit. However, mass torts cover a much broader range of claim types than just class action. Mass torts allow different plaintiffs with unique injuries to maintain their individual lawsuits yet combine resources to pursue their individual claims.

Mass tort litigation is structured to permit one attorney or group of attorneys to represent multiple plaintiffs in individual cases. When mass tort litigation is initiated, the attorneys work together to achieve justice for all the plaintiffs by pooling resources, sharing information and planning strategies that benefit all plaintiffs in every case.

While mass tort litigation is designed to be efficient and effective, not every personal injury lawyer or law firm is capable of handling these complex cases. Successful mass tort litigation requires very experienced attorneys who understand the nuances of such complicated litigation. Mass tort cases also require a strong support staff of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants to ensure that the voluminous files and exhibits are analyzed, well managed, and organized throughout every phase of litigation. Finally, given the amount of investigation and discovery required to prepare for trial or settlement, mass tort cases require a large amount of financial investment throughout the months – often even years – leading up to trial or settlement.

The attorneys at Javerbaum Wurgaft are currently representing plaintiffs in many mass tort cases, including those against the manufacturers of Risperdal , Infuse bone grafts, and transvaginal mesh. Our attorneys understand what it takes to successfully prosecute a mass tort claim and obtain a settlement or verdict that justly compensates each plaintiff.