Special Education/ Children and Adults with Disabilities/ Guardianships

The attorneys of Javerbaum Wurgaft’s Disabilities Law Group are known for their expertise in counseling and representing individuals with disabilities and their families in the areas of early intervention, special education, transition and adult services, residential placements, reasonable accommodations, insurance coverage and guardianships. Well respected in the disabilities community, they are known for their participation as speakers at professional workshops and conferences as well as being frequent lecturers at community organizations and parent groups throughout the State. In addition, they have appeared in media broadcasts, including One on One with Steve Adubato, Nightline and World News Tonight. As individuals committed to advocating for the disabilities community, the Group’s attorneys currently serve as Trustees for several non-profit organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Their compassion, patience, expertise and knowledge enable them to successfully navigate through the many processes and systems to ensure that appropriate services and protections are provided for their clients. They have worked successfully to create and implement comprehensive strategies to protect bullied children and to ensure that disciplinary issues which may become criminal are handled appropriately. As experienced trial attorneys, they are able to pursue claims against school districts as well as personal injury claims that may result from bullying. They also offer expertise in critical special needs estate planning and guardianships for both individuals who have developmental disabilities or lifelong impairments, as well as those who become disabled as the result of an accident or medical malpractice.


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