The Report Cards are in on New Jersey Hospitals: Where to Go and Where to Avoid

By JW Law

Although you may always be able to choose a specific doctor for treatment, in many situations you are not able to select the hospital. Emergencies causes us to go to the closest hospital or where the ambulance chooses to take you. It is very important to learn which hospital is the safest.

The Leapfrog Group, a non-profit healthcare watchdog organization, recently released a report, ranking every hospital in New Jersey as to where you are likely to develop an infection or get the wrong medication or have an avoidable fall. In New Jersey of the 68 hospitals evaluated, 27 earned an A and 20 earned a B which is an improvement over the last year’s evaluation. Although there were seven fewer Cs there were three D’s which is something that everyone needs to know.
hospital safety report
Just as important as the hospitals that received an A, the hospitals that received a D were:

Memorial Hospital of Salem County
St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark
University Hospital in Newark.

“This information is essential to all residents in choosing where they and their loved ones go to the hospital” said Eric Kahn managing partner of Javerbaum Wurgaft. This was confirmed by Linda Schwimmer, president and CEO of the Health Care Quality Institute of New Jersey who indicated “we see again and again that hospitals that adopt the leapfrog survey as a quality improvement tool truly make safety a priority” and certainly that is what all consumers are concerned with when going to a hospital safety.

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