Eric Kahn Elected Into The International Society of Barristers

The International Society of Barristers (ISOB) was created in 1965 and is dedicated to preserving trial by jury, the adversary system and an independent judiciary. Its founders conceived the organization to bring together the best of the trial bar in a setting devoid of partisan interests. The emphasis of the organization is on warm fellowship among professionals without regard to whether the lawyers represent plaintiffs or defendants.
The Society’s membership consists of Fellows of the Society. All members of the Society are committed to the highest ethical standards and to civility in their personal and professional relationships. New Fellows are elected by the Society’s Board of Governors on nomination by an existing fellow, and after inquiry as to the nominee’s skill as a trial lawyer and personal and professional integrity. Inquiries are directed to other Barristers in the nominee’s region and the judges before whom the nominee has tried cases. Lawyers cannot apply for membership.
With a limited and select membership, the Fellows of the Society are at the top of their field as trial lawyers. The Society has members from every State plus Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Canada, England, Scotland and Australia.
The lawyers and staff at Javerbaum Wurgaft congratulate Eric Kahn on this truly wonderful accomplishment.