On the morning of the fateful crash that destroyed lives in Hoboken, New Jersey on September 29, 2016, the conductor informed commuters that it was standing room only on the New Jersey Transit train. Despite the fact that overcrowding creates a dangerous atmosphere, New Jersey Transit refuses to add more rail cars during this hectic and busy rush hour. Ironically, the morning of the crash, the conductor recommended to passengers to file complaints on the New Jersey Transit website regarding the lack of railcars and seats. Many of the trains assigned to this commuting route are old and not built to accommodate standing passengers.

Tragically, the train failed to stop at the Hoboken Terminal, one of the biggest commuter stations in the northeast. Not only did the train fail to stop, it failed to slow down, crashing into the station, and causing portions of the ceiling to collapse. Veteran commuters indicated they could not understand why the train was traveling at such a high rate of speed going into the station. One of the passengers of the train stated, “People were screaming to stay calm, but how do you stay calm in a moment like that?”


The NJ Transit system is extremely important to NJ residents, who rely on its vast network of trains and buses to make their way into work each day. Many Javerbaum Wurgaft employees also rely on New Jersey Transit for their commute, and, frighteningly, were on the same train that crashed, but had luckily exited prior to the Hoboken stop.   The simple truth is the system has an obligation to keep its riders safe. Initial reports seem to show that NJ Transit failed the residents of our great state. The safety of our citizens must be paramount, and New Jersey Transit must be held accountable to avoid causing our citizenry needless harm in the future. There must be changes made to address the vast overcrowding and inadequate rail cars.

For all passengers of this train crash, it is imperative to understand that, if any claim is to be filed against New Jersey Transit, the law mandates a “Notice of Claim” be filed within 90 days of the crash. Failure to file such a form can lead to a denial of payment for damages. Given this law, passengers should reach out to the legal community to protect their rights.

Now, more than ever, the citizens of New Jersey and commuters using New Jersey Transit must act together with one voice demanding safety.  The legal team at Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom and Sinins is prepared to fight to protect the rights of all citizens and passengers involved in this needless crash. Our firm is prepared to file Notices of Claim for any and all passengers that call. Time is of the essence.


Javerbaum Wurgaft Hosts Union County Bar’s Past President Reunion

JAVERBAUM WURGAFT hosted a reunion of the Union County Bar’s Past Presidents on September 13, 2016.  The event was held in the new JW Lounge and 17 Past Presidents of the UCBA attended.  Below is a picture of many of the attendees including Past Presidents Eric Kahn, David Wikstrom and Gary Roth who are partners of Javerbaum Wurgaft.