The commercials are on the radio, the television and on the internet. “Don’t spend your hard earned money on auto insurance”….come to “cheap insurance” and you can get the coverage for pennies on the dollar. There is always something better or more gratifying to spend your money on other than car insurance, but you must ask yourself if these policies are all the same and what happens if you and your family are in a wreck.

There are many different parts of car insurance: medical coverage (known as PIP), property damage coverage, Liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, limitation on lawsuit thresholds, etc.  It is intentionally confusing to the regular person in the hopes that they will select the type of coverage that gives the insurance company the most profit.


Liability coverage is insurance for damages caused by the negligence of you or any permissive user of your automobile.  Simply put, if you are the cause of a car crash, this is the part of your policy which pays the people for injuries and/or property that you have caused damage.  The amount of coverage you choose is important because if your coverage is too low, you may be personally responsible for additional damages you may cause.

We never expect to get into an accident, therefore, your instinct is to purchase the least amount of insurance you can.  This is very dangerous.  You should purchase at a minimum the amount to cover all of your assets should you cause an accident, and sometimes more.  The good news is that the increase in limits brings a small price tag. Ask your insurance company for a quote….you will be surprised! Do your self a favor, call your insurance carrier and ask for the price to raise your limits to the next level.


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Two big steps forward for safety, and ten big steps backwards ???

Over the last 10 years, the trucking industry has finally recognized that big truck crashes that cause so much harm, injury and death to our families across the nation can be greatly reduced or avoided entirely with two simple, inexpensive tools: 1) ELD’s, and 2) speed limiters.

ELD stands for “electronic logging device.”  Instead of keeping hours in paper books, which takes a lot of time and is often full of mistakes, ELD’s allow truck drivers to keep their times automatically, and cheating is almost impossible any more.  Plus, a big benefit to truck drivers is that ELD’s protect them from being pressured by dispatchers to drive faster/longer than the law allows just in order to get the load delivered since they could “fudge” the facts on paper.  With ELD’s, the equipment is tied to the truck electronically, and if the truck is rolling, the log is keeping track of the time, speed and distance.  ELD’s protect safe truck drivers when they refuse to break the law and documents their hours independently.

Speed limiters have been available on all big trucks made in the last 10 years.  But, trucking companies have been slow to use them. Anyone has been driving down the interstate at the speed limit and passed by a big rig knows how scary it is to imagine that 80,000 monster crashing into a family vehicle. Certainly, not all big truck drivers speed, but if all big trucks used their speed limiters, none of them would be speeding

Members of the House Freedom Caucus met with President-Elect Trump and asked him to repeal the Electronic Logging Device mandate as well as the speed limiter rule for large trucks.


Tell your legislators that ELD’s and speed limiters are good things, and they help prevent crashes and protect you and your loved ones from avoidable harm. If you or anyone one you know have any questions about this bill or any other issue regarding a Truck or Bus crash, contact Lawrence Simon of Javerbaum Wurgaft, we are here to help.