Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation Department provides assistance to individuals who are injured at work.  New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law provides three basic rights: (1) Temporary Disability Benefits representing 70% of a workers weekly wages up to a maximum benefit. (2) Payment of Emergency Care and Authorized Medical treatment and (3) A Permanency Award after treatment is completed.

Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys also work alongside attorneys in our office to evaluate whether an injured worker has a potential Third Party case against another person or company that is not their employer.  Competent counsel using a team approach to reviewing work accidents is important to obtain the best recovery after a work accident.

To Learn about your rights in Workers’ Compensation, please contact our office and ask for an attorney specialized in handling Workers’ Compensation cases.


Workers’ Compensation Specialists

John M. Pinho - Certified Workers Compensation Attorney New Jersey John Pinho

Steven Firsichbaum

Edward J. Wilson - Workers Compensation Attorney New Jersey Edward Wilson