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Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom and Sinins, led by Managing Shareholder Eric G. Kahn, Esq., regularly represents victims of sexual and/or in hosts of contexts, including foster children, disabled, the impaired and students.

Eric Kahn first began handling cases involving the abuse of children in 2004 when he was retained to represent the Estate of Faheem Williams, as well as Faheem’s brothers. Faheem was a seven year old child who was found dead in his relative caretaker’s basement in 2003. Faheem was the victim of severe abuse and neglect, causing his death. Mr. Kahn filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey and the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), thereafter obtaining a $7,500,000.00 settlement. This case led to the significant reform of DYFS (now known as the Division of Child protection and Permanency)in how it handled cases involving children.

In 2009, Mr. Kahn was retained to represent the Estate of Tara O’Leary, a 28 year old developmentally disabled individual who was living in a private homer under the supervision of the State of New Jersey and the Department of Human Services. In 2008 it was discovered that Tara was being neglected, resulting in her starving to death. After years of litigation, Mr. Kahn was able to obtain a settlement of $2,100,000.00 for the pain and suffering Tara endured while she was starving to death. Prior to the settlement, “Tara’s Law” was passed, mandating various protections for individuals like Tara.

Over the years, Mr. Kahn has also represented several students who were sexually abused and/or engaged in relations with teachers, in addition to minors sexually and/or physically abused while residing in group homes. He has also represented several individuals who were sexually abused by priests as children.

Currently, Mr. Kahn is representing the Estate of Christiana Glenn and her siblings in a negligence lawsuit against the State of New Jersey involving the death of Christiana when she was eight years old.

Lastly, Mr. Kahn is perusing claims against the Boy Scouts of America for the sexual abuse of children whose abuse was covered up by the Boy Scouts.

Mr. Kahn and his firm are committed to advocating on behalf of children and others who were physically and/or sexually abused by adults and holding the entities responsible for supervising those abusers accountable for their actions.

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